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In the summer of 2008 Bob Jantzen updated the Maple worksheets of "Discovering Mathematics with Maple" to Maple 12. See the homepage of the book.

I retired from my position at Erasmus University on March 1, 2005. For recent papers see under Publications/Papers.

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My main research interest is in Computational Mathematics. During much of my professional life I have been active in the area of Mathematics where Algebraic Number Theory, Algebraic Geometry and Computational Mathematics meet. I am particularly interested in the arithmetic of elliptic curves, and in diophantine equations, with an emphasis on computational aspects.

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Other Interests

Apart from being fascinated by mathematics in the broadest sense, and by computational matters in particular, I greatly enjoy classical music,  English literature, long distance walking, and looking after and playing with my grandchildren Mandy, Ruben, Verren and Rick. Soon after retiring from Erasmus University I took up the study of stringed instrument making at CMB (Center for musical instrument making). Here is a photograph of me holding my viola da gamba which I hope to complete soon.